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Facing Your Giants

When We talk about facing giants, one of the first people to come to mind is usually David. However, one very important aspect of the narrative that most people leave out is that David had the option to leave the battle but decided to stay and fight on the behalf of others. Do you remember how the story goes? David was actually encouraged to go home by his brothers and relax and be with his father, Jesse. His brothers were actually offended at David and mocked him and interpreted his confidence in God as pride. David was also encouraged not to fight by King SauI. No matter how much persuasion to leave the battle he faced, David’s resolve was fixed. After all, it was his brothers and all of Israel that David was fighting for. It’s interesting that sometimes, those who we are fighting for are the ones who can make it the most difficult. However, it was also God’s honor that David was fighting for. It was also for justice and righteousness that he was fighting. David wrote in Psalms 97:2 that righteousness and justice is what God loves, and we know that’s what every giant hates and tries to steal. Yes, so many times we face giants in our lives and in those circumstances we don’t have the option to leave the battle. We have no other choice but the stay and fight. Perhaps, God is calling you to go to war and face a giant on the behalf of someone else. Make no mistake, just like David, they might not want you on their battlefield either. Either way, our God is faithful and He will fight for us. We will see that giant fall. We will be victorious!

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