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Love Never Fails

1 Cor. 13 is known as the love chapter in The Bible. The number one thing about love is that love is patient and love is also kind. Now, just stop and consider that for a moment. I think that for all of us, being patient and kind with others can be the most frustrating and difficult parts of our days... don't you?

The Bible goes on to say that love doesn't demand it's own way and that love is not selfish. I know that at times it seems almost impossible to defer to others because let's face it; we want what we want. Can u imagine what would happen if we would let love rule in our relationships: our families, our marriages, businesses, and churches? I think in the end it would dramatically transform our nation because love never fails. Is it easy to love? No... Not always. Especially when someone is being unloveable and just downright mean.

We must always remember that love is a choice and not a feeling. We can choose to love in every situation because God would never ask us to do something that would be impossible for us to do. I want to encourage you this week no matter who or what situation you may encounter, choose to love.

- Brent Anderson

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