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How Big is Your Chair

Have you ever heard a worship leader say, “God is enthroned in our praises?” Well, that’s actually straight out of God’s Word. That’s right. Psalms 22:3 says, “For You are holy, enthroned in the praises of Israel.” So, what does that mean exactly? Ok, I’ll tell you.

That word, “praises” is the Hebrew word “tehillah” which means “high praises.” It’s what happens when we move past our words, our thanking, our day, our circumstances and just get down and dirty with God and really just worship our guts out and tell Him that we love Him and desperately want His Presence. That’s the “tehillah” praise.

You see, when we begin to get real with God, and worship in spirit and truth, all of the sudden we create a throne or chair for God to come and sit in. It’s not that God needs our worship. Trust me, He’s not sitting up in heaven with an inferiority complex waiting for us to tell Him how great He is. He’s very secure in Himself! But praise and worship is not for God. It’s to God. All the honor and glory must be given to Him, but God created it as a pathway for us to create a big chair for Him to come and sit on. In other words, it’s a pathway into His Presence.

Please understand that when a king comes and sits on a throne, he sits with one purpose and that’s to rule. When the King of Kings sits on the throne of our worship, He sits with authority and anything that opposes that authority has to bow its knee and flee in Jesus name.

So my question to you today is: How big is your chair?

What kind of praise and worship are you going to offer to God? Are you going to let your circumstances dictate your view of God or are you going to let your view of God create a chair for God to dictate the outcome of your circumstances? C’mon now… let’s create a really big chair for our awesome God today and worship our guts out because He’s worthy.

-Pastor Brent Anderson

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