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700 Club Interview

700 Club Interview

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Watch more stories from the 700 Club featuring Ash Grove Assembly
during Pastor Brent & Sharon's time there.

Grandmother Healed at Youth Service

Firefighter Healed of Crippling Accident

Expectant Mom of Seven Healed

There is a cry coming from the heart of God asking each of us to build a house for Him to dwell in. In this book you will find the tools that you need to build that house that God requires you to build.


This book gives a call to know God by having an intimate relationship through the person of the Holy Spirit. We were created for relationship with him. It's our highest calling. God wants and loves us more than we could ever love Him.


As you journey through this book, I believe that you will hear the voice of God breathing new life, vision, and purpose into your soul as you build your spiritual house one brick at a time. 

Building Your House
By Brent Anderson

"Brent Anderson represents one of the new voices that God has raised up to speak into this generation. It is my hope that this book will impart for generations to come. Thanks Brent for taking the time to study and write this valuable resource."

- Morris Chapman, Dove Award Nominee, Songwriter

"Brent issues a compelling call to return to a living, breathing, 24/7 relationship with Jesus Christ.  This is a book that makes you want to pray.  Brent, we need this message in this last hour more than ever - may the Lord take it around the globe!"

- Bob Sorge, author, Secrets of the Secret Place

"We are all born for a purpose. Brent Anderson was born to worship God and lead people into a life changing experience in worship. It is his passion to touch the heart of God that enables Brent to rise to new depths of God's presence in worship. I believe the truths in this book will ignite a new passion in you for God's presence...enjoy your journey."


- Gary Brothers, Senior Pastor

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