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He's Waiting for You

Why God's Word? Why should I read my Bible? I want to tell you that God's Word was not only for the time in which is was written, NO… it still speaks today. It is for now. It speaks every time you open it and it is God's voice that speaks to you because God's Word was breathed and birthed by His Spirit through chosen individuals and written down over thousands of years, and His Word endures forever.

You see, It is a now Word. It is a living Word. It is a Spirit Word. It is a Word for yesterday's generation, today's generation, and tomorrow's generations because God is the God who was, and is, and is to come. His Word brings light and life to those who HEAR it. Yes, He is speaking through His Word. Do you hear Him?

When you go to read your Bible, read to encounter the Living God. Don't just read to memorize scripture or to learn a Bible story. God wants to speak to you and He wants you to know Him. It's not just a story about yesterday. It's a personal story about you and Him. That's why it says that God's Word is like a two-edged sword, it is about yesterday but it's also about right now, and it is alive and powerful. It divides between our soul and our spirit. Don't wait, encounter God through His Word. He's waiting for you.

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