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Move What?

There are two kinds of faith: nominal and real. Nominal faith is a faith that accepts what it's told and can quote text from the Bible to prove it's true. This shouldn't amaze anyone.

Most in The Church today live a life full of nominal faith. They can quote scripture but live powerless. Even the Pharisees could quote scripture. Well, even the devil can quote scripture and he's probably the best theologian on the planet right now. It's amazing how nominal faith and nominal belief can weave the texts into garments and cloaks for The Church.

However, there is another kind of faith: it is faith that depends on the character of God. Remember, Abraham in the Bible? Well, he didn't believe the text, he actually believed God. In other words, it wasn't WHAT Abraham believed; it was WHO he believed that counted. Every true man and woman of faith believes God and knows God, and their faith rests in the character and nature of who God is. This is real faith! This is faith that moves mountains!

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