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Change Your Thinking

Believe it or not, God is more concerned with how we think then probably anything else about us...yes, even the fact if we are going out telling others about Him!!! How we think determines everything (Rom. 12:2). The first words Jesus said when beginning His ministry here on earth were, "Repent for the Kingdom is at hand..." Jesus wasn't saying to go tell God you're sorry. He was saying to change your way of thinking so you can walk in Kingdom power and see miracles in your life and those around you.

You see, it's the demonstration and manifestation of God's power and love that will prove to those around you that He is very real and the outcome will be a harvest of souls. We will not see His power without first seeing a change in our thinking. We cannot afford to think like the world. Our God can do anything.

Just this week, I saw a woman healed of rheumatoid arthritis. She had this disease since she was 12. She had been in a lot of pain and on the maximum amount of medication. Myself along with 2 others prayed for her last Monday and God healed her. I talked with her Sunday and she said that she had been pain free all week. Praise God. There are so many more miracles.

Every one of us can walk in this power. We don't have to accept any diagnosis from any doctor as truth. Never deny that any sickness exists. Take that diagnosis... acknowledge it, and then declare the greatness of God over it and the mighty name of Jesus over yourself or that person, then command that sickness or situation to go. Finally, declare God's Kingdom to be established in your body or that person's body that you're praying for. Lastly, you thank God for doing it all. Give Him all the glory and honor and praise. He is faithful and He is our Healer. Yes... it will work and you will be healed. Try it...I dare you.

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