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Born and raised in Southern California, Pastor Brent & Sharon Anderson have been working as a team on the cutting edge of ministry for more than twenty-five years.  Brent and Sharon both come from families with a long history in ministry.

Growing up in ministry, Brent and Sharon have worked together since they were teenagers. Together they have been involved in almost every aspect of church life. Even as teenagers Brent and Sharon led worship and ministered together. Together they have pastored a church, established and grown a bus ministry and food program, organized mission trips, produced a worship CD, led kids ministry, and were youth pastors. 


Brent and Sharon have a passion to equip, train and mentor others. Discipling others is a big part of

who they are and what they do. They also love to see local and global missions at work. Together

they have traveled to numerous countries and organized international and local missions projects.


Brent and Sharon are both ordained ministers. Both of their educational backgrounds include

a degree in Ministry and Theology from Wagner University of Colorado. Brent is author of the

book titled Building Your House, and has also released a CD titled To Know Your Heart. He has

numerous songs to his credit, many of which are sung in churches all over the world.


Sharon is highly administrative and has served in various administrative roles. She is also a licensed

bus driver and enjoys being involved in bus ministry. Sharon is a gifted musician, playing the drums

since she was a teenager. Sharon launched and managed LifeWay Café, a coffee shop outreach

that is open five days a week. Sharon is a real estate agent in San Diego, California.


The Anderson's have been married for twenty-eight years and have two daughters, Ashlie and Jessica and a son-in-law, Luke.

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